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• 8/2/2015

[Discuss !] Mega boss spawn & source from the JP wiki

Okay, first, info dump :

comparing our version to the JP wiki, we're short on a lot of bosses from the number of quest we have.
Because of that, some boss stay way longer that they do on the JP version
According to some people (haven't really verified that, through), some bosses spawn later than they do in the JP version (mostly tsarist)
So, in short, our actuall boss spawn list is not acurate to the actual state of the game. That's a know fact, and, form my point of view, instead of correcting this, we're letting things slide for that reason : "On the Japanese game, Dark Giant, Glimmers, Emperor Idoneus, Pandeons and Black/Golden Dragon Mega Bosses are removed once you reach quest 33. At this day though, Nutaku didn't removed these Mega Bosses, they are still present on quest 33 and further, but know that they may be removed when Nutaku finally add all the next bosses."
So, now, there is 2 available cases :

Nutaku will "correct" the mega boss spawn so they are close to the JP version when new bosses will come out, or
Nutaku will simply add more bosses, with different spawn than the JP version.
From what I have seen, nutaku changed multiple things from the JP version, but when the reason of the change where removed, they have kept the change they made. One exemple : since the angel where loli, and where cut off our version at first, the emperor droped other card instead. Now the angel are in our version, they still drop the other card, and the angels too.
So, in my opinion, I really think nutaku will keep the edits they made, and that our mega boss list is kind of "definitive". Instead of waiting for them to eventually "correct" the drop list, and letting wrong information on the wiki, I think it will be better to simply said "hey folks, our mega boss spawn range are inacurate, we need to correct this, please send us data about where you've seen each mega bosses". Fellow editors, what's your opinion about that ?
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• 7/14/2015

Status page/defense page

JorgeFFC created a page explaining defense . I'm not personally against it (and have just edited it a little), but I would rather make the Status Points page more clear/complete and put some redirection to the revelant part of that page when players search for defense/etc.
In short : I'd rather keep all the info on a page instead on spreading it everywhere in the wiki.
Your through about this ?
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• 7/10/2015

[WiP]About Bosses Page

I know that at moment we only have "Mega Bosses", but the page in front is actually only bosses... Should we make a page explaining the bosses and their kinds, then, on this page a link to the mega boss list?(i think it's actually better because later, we will have Event Dungeon Bosses, Raid Bosses and other kind of special bosses. So actually linking directly to Mega Boss page is a little... well)
What you guys think, should it be changed and link to a page called Bosses with their explaining+linking to the different pages? Well, it's too soon to decide anyway as at moment we only have mega bosses for now.
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• 8/3/2015

[Polishing] Cards listings

I start a discussion about it because I think we should clarify it before changing the layout of cards : they contain links to cards listings, so if we change it afterwards... it would add quite a lot of work (the need of re-editing links).
Actually we have 2 pages :

Monster Cards
Valkyrie Cards
We already said it could be misleading, having rare cards shared between these 2 pages like we have right now, the definition of a "monster card" itself isn't that clear. And what will happen if we have in the future SR cards that have no ++ evolution status too ? Monster Cards too ? It's not like we are really attached to mark the difference between a Valkyrie card and a "monster" card.

Should we split the list into 4 pages, each containing a rarity ? We could add a summary on top of these pages to switch easily between rarity listings.
Should we merge everything on one page only ? In the future there will be lots of cards, we collapse the datas ? Use tabs ?
Changing nothing while explaining the difference between these listings ?
Another idea ?
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• 6/27/2015

[Paused] Top Navigation Menu

Here was the proposition, I still have it in mind but for now, well... I'm on other things.
Do not hesitate to speak your mind on the subject, thanks!
=> http://lord-of-valkyrie.wikia.com/wiki/Improvements,_Ideas_and_Suggestions.#comm-7019
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• 7/12/2015

[Paused] Cards new layout

Work in progress to improve the layout, to add some useful informations, to complete it, and whatever will come in our minds during the process =P
A lot has already been discussed on the Improvements, Ideas and Suggestions page. (here is the last comment on the subject)
[little pause just the time to work on cards listing]
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• 8/3/2015

Exploration : Improving informations

This is the continuation of the talk begun here.
Part of the "job" is to enhance information quality and provide more explanations about pretty everything that is concerning the Exploration feature of the game.
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