Limited Quest Dates Edit

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Elemental FountainEdit

This quest is a special event. You can get elemental attribute cards of common monster of a specific element in the stages.

Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 8 8 100-200 (C) Captain Kid Lv6 (Earth) (C) Devilish Priest Lv6 (Earth) (C) Alchemist Lv6 (Earth)
2 8 8 100-200 (C) Siren Lv6 (Water) (C) Seiryu Lv6 (Water) (C) Aion Lv6 (Water)
3 8 8 100-200 (C) Priestess of Fortune Lv6 (Fire) (C) Sarasvati Lv6 (Fire) (C) Nine-tailed Fox Lv6 (Fire)
4 8 8 100-200 (C) Chronos Lv6 (Wind) (C) Byakko Lv6 (Wind) (C) Thunder God Lv6 (Wind)
5 8 8 100-200 (C) Captain Kid Lv12 (Earth) (C) Devilish Priest Lv12 (Earth) (C) Alchemist Lv12 (Earth)
6 8 8 100-200 (C) Siren Lv12 (Water) (C) Seiryu Lv12 (Water) (C) Aion Lv12 (Water)
7 8 8 100-200 (C) Priestess of Fortune Lv12 (Fire) (C) Sarasvati Lv12 (Fire) (C) Nine-tailed Fox Lv12 (Fire)
8 8 8 100-200 (C) Chronos Lv12 (Wind) (C) Byakko Lv12 (Wind) (C) Thunder God Lv12 (Wind)
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