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Rarity : SR > SR+    |    Type : Magic

Element Crit. Bal. Skill Rank Cost Evo. Attack Skill
Init. MP LVL 1 LVL Max LVL 1 LVL Max
50 Earth 10 12 30% 100 SR 26 N 1200 2963 3400 15728
SR+ 31 2S 3144 7765 4876 22556
2M 3616 8931 7680 35527
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  • Element X: Increase damage of the card by X% against enemies with a weakness on Element.
  • Critical: Percentage chance to trigger a critical hit (ignore enemy defense).
  • Balance: Damage variance in percent, above and below the displayed attack/skill values.
  • Initiative: Percentage chance to trigger the skill attack.
  • MP Use: MP used on your character when the skill of the card is triggered.
  • Cost: Charisma points required to field the card on your team (also used to calculate exploration cost).
  • Evolution: Learn more about evolving possibilities here.
  • Attack: Base damage when initiative fail to trigger the skill.
  • Skill: Base damage when initiative successfully trigger the skill.
  • Red&Bold numbers: Highest attack/skill damage obtainable through evolution.
Max level SR: 50 / SR+: 50
Skill name Cherry Poison Experiment(桜毒培養実験)
Exploration skill SR: None/ SR+: Earth combat strength up 30%
Sale price SR: 10,000G / SR+: 20,000G
H-scene Special Event requires both Mad Girl Porin and Scared Girl Arin
Where to acquire

[ACTIVE] Time Limited Quest Cherry-Blossoms Road(2016) 03/13 - 04/05

  • Academy Cherry-Blossoms Trading Post
※ Rebirth Japanese game: no
Japanese wiki link 狂気の姉ポリン/Google Translate
Card N If it's for you, Honorable Knight, I'll let this body of mine wither away like falling cherry blossoms. When the time comes, will you accompany me into death? After all we're meant to always be together. Right...?
Card Nplus Looking at the cherry trees makes me remember. We used to play a lot together, didn't we? If it was you, there's no way I wouldn't have taken your fancy. I mean... that girl was...
Mad Girl Porin Mad Girl Porin+
no differences with the original version of the game