Knight and his faithful servants(slaves, why not call them for what they are x.x) after getting past the underwater site, get's to this special island where the monsters are like 10 times bigger and no normal human would survive. Will they get safely to the portal?

Quest Details Edit

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 9 9 130-170 Axe +5 Magic Shield +5 (C) Martian Girl Lv8 (Fire)
2 9 9 130-170 Whip +5 Full Plate Armor +5 (C) Horned Demon Lv8 (Earth)
3 9 9 130-170 Mithrill Chain +5 (C) Ieyasu Lv8 (Earth) (C) Sparrow Swordsman Lv8 (Wind)
4 9 9 130-170 Medusa Shield +5 Knife +5 (C) Archangel Lv8 (Wind)
5 9 9 130-170 Oak Staff +5 (C) Levia Lv8 (Water) (C) Priestess of Fortune Lv8 (Fire)
Boss Guardian of Time (HP: 44000) (UC) Mobile Girl Delta Lv1 (Earth)
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Navi's quotes at ending
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Battle Maiden Navi Icon

- It seems that this is the center of the island... This place has a suspicious sort of atmosphere...

- Ah! There it is! This ominous aura leaves no doubt!

- This is the entrance to the parallel world, Purgatory Boundary!

- The sealed barrier is destroyed too!

- This must have been done by the witches! Just as we thought, the witches were here with the treasure!

- Let's go to get it back this time!

List of Mega Bosses you can encounter
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Anywhere you go, Mega Bosses you can encounter is only determined by the last quest you have access to.

Previous Quest: Ancient Underwater Heritage Site (17) Next Quest: Purgatory Boundary (19)

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