Taking part in a quest

Through completing quests, you can obtain experience and Gila.

Specified amount of stamina will be consumed on each stage of quests.


Stages :

Quests are composed of several Stages.

Progress Rate :

This bar shows how much progress you’ve made so far on the current stage. You can proceed to the next stage when you achieve a 100% progress rate. You will receive 1 stats point when you complete a stage (except on limited quests).

Experience & Level Up :

Quests are the only way for your character to get experience points. When you reach 100% of the experience bar, you level up : you earn 3 stats points, and your stamina and force are fully recovered.

Battle :

Fighting with monsters is performed automatically. Victory or defeat will be decided based on your character's abilities and the cards set in your deck. If the monster escapes, strengthen your cards and equipments, and try again!

Treasure Chest (Rewards) :

When you defeat 3 monsters in a row, a treasure chest containing a reward will appear. You can get a card or an equipment from it. There are 3 different rewards for each stage. The probability rates are not necessarily equally divided, some rare rewards will have a low rate.

Mega Boss :

Every time you get a treasure chest, there is a chance you will encounter a Mega Boss. The type of Mega Boss you encounter is randomly picked amongst a list that is evolving during your progression through quests. Your list is determined by the last quest you have access to. Going back on a previous quest doesn't change it. You can find detailed lists on quests page, or spawning ranges on the Mega Boss page. You can only have one mega boss at a time.
Aditionnally, the higher is the amount of stamina used on a battle in a stage, the higher is the chance to encounter a Mega Boss. You can only have one mega boss at a time.

Quest Boss :

Once you finish all stages from a quest, you have the opportunity to fight a quest boss. When you defeat it, you receive a special reward which is sent to your gift box. You cannot proceed to the next quest until you defeat this boss.
Stamina will not be consumed for quest boss battles, but you will not obtain experience or Gila either. You can fight with previously defeated quest boss, but you will not obtain the rewards again.
Until this day, no encountered quest bosses have weaknesses to elements, or immunities. This may change in the future but for now, you can anticipate the damage you will do on quests bosses, simply by using this formulae :
  card_1_damage  (= card_1_atk + card_1_skill)
+ card_2_damage  (= card_2_atk + card_2_skill)
+ card_3_damage  (= card_3_atk + card_3_skill)
+ your_damage    (= 4 x highest_atk_between_your_physical_and_magical)
= damage_on_quest_boss

Quests ListEdit

  1. Novice Plains
  2. Departure Highroad
  3. Sunshine Forest
  4. Valley of Boiling Sand
  5. Windy Cave
  6. Forest of Morning Fog
  7. Temple of the Water Spirits
  8. Coast of Twilight
  9. Mirage Tower
  10. Sacred Mountain of Drifting Snow
  11. Fountain of Spirits
  12. Abandoned Mansion
  13. Heroes' Cemetery
  14. Witches' Habitat
  15. Colorful Crystal Cave
  16. Lost Ship of Temptation
  17. Ancient Underwater Heritage Site
  18. Paradise of the Strong
  19. Purgatory Boundary
  20. Crossroads to the Outside World
  21. Altar of the Fallen God
  22. Towell Sky Fortress
  23. Devil's Tower
  24. Secret Library Room
  25. Cave Loophole
  26. Blue Limestone Cave
  27. Tower of Heat Haze
  28. Coast of Dusk
  29. Otogi Crisis
  30. Forest of Dancing Phoenix
  31. Hills of the Moon
  32. Abandoned Mine
  33. Witches' Castle
  34. Lost Beach
  35. Rocks of Enlightenment
  36. Red Lotus Volcanic Zone
  37. Chocola's Castle
  38. Cave of Despair
  39. Big Underground Hollow
  40. Forgotten Underground City
  41. Hall of Gimure

Limited Quests Edit