This time, Knight and Navi got out from the misty forest and find themselves near this temple.

Quest Details Edit

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 4 4 50-90 Mithrill Chain Cloths of Fur (C) Poseidon Lv1 (Water)
2 4 4 50-90 Magic Shield Medusa Shield (C) Siren Lv1 (Water)
3 4 4 50-90 Whip Mace (C) Devilish Priest Lv1 (Earth)
4 4 4 50-90 Spear Full Plate Armor (C) Chronos Lv1 (Wind)
5 4 4 50-90 Sorcerer's Robe Crystal Bracelet (C) Motionless King Lv1 (Fire)
Boss Demon with Spear (HP: 12000) (UC) Tsukasa of Azure Spear Lv1 (Earth)
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Navi's quotes at ending
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Battle Maiden Navi Icon

- Sir Knight! It's the exit to The Temple of the Water Spirits!

- You did it!

- Well, next up is the Coast of Twilight, a silent coast where the water spirits live!

- There are almost no adventurers who have survived to come this far!

- As i thought, Sir Knight is surely a descendant of The Legendary Knight!

- The legendary Mirage Tower is ahead on this coast!

- Just a little bit more until we reach our target! Let's do our best!

List of Mega Bosses you can encounter
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Mega Bosses Icon
Anywhere you go, Mega Bosses you can encounter is only determined by the last quest you have access to.

Previous Quest: Forest of Morning Fog (6) Next Quest: Coast of Twilight (8)

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